Rawya Mansour

Founder & Chairperson of RAMSCO Foundation, Egypt

A woman of many talents, Rawya Mansour is a globally acclaimed Environmental Activist, Humanitarian restlessly fighting for the uplifting of all stratifications of society. In 2007, just before the Egyptian food riots. Mansour foresaw the need of a drastic change, and took the matter in her own hands by founding RAMSCO for Trade and Distribution. There she developed and tested a groundbreaking approach to organic agro-business within Egypt, through the invention of fertilizers and agro-technology. This approach looked to developing novel techniques that focused on enhancing national food security by saving water while increasing yields. Upon the success the pilot project in her research center, Mansour founded the RAMSCO Foundation for Sustainable Agricultural Development in 2009. An NGO operating to oversee Mansour’s zero-waste agro-technologies and fore plan the creation of self-sustainable zero-waste eco-villages. In 2012 Mansour established OASIS (Organic Agriculture for Social International Solidarity) in The Principality of Monaco. The possibility of creating agricultural villages in arid land is realized through OASIS’s patented organic fertilizers and biochar machines that allow for fruit and vegetables not only grow, but thrive in a desert environment with low water usage. The machines take agricultural waste and turn it into bio-char, one of the few components with the ability to reverse climate change due to its capacity to sequestrate carbon dioxide from the air. These fertilizers and machines, patented in Egypt, Northern Africa, AOPI and, France, Monaco Australia are the first of their kind and if employed on the large scale will bring great feats in terms of reversing environmental damage, climate adaptation and food security in the area while fighting poverty through new social agroeconomic job creation and eco-tourism. Rawya Mansours’s most recent endeavor has been the creation of the foundation “We Are The People” along with Mr. Naguib Sawiris in partnership with the Basilicata region of Southern Italy. “WATP” is the pinnacle of Mansour’s life work, it plans to take an area in the barren and impoverished region of Basilicata and transform it into a holistic and sustainable Entrepreneurial Zero-waste Eco-village (EZE). This microcosm will be complete with schools, youth centers, health care, and job opportunity through Mansour’s agro-technology for both locals and incoming refugees that are otherwise crippling the Southern regions of the Mediterranean. If this project is created throughout North Africa as well as the Mediterranean it can greatly reduce migration from under developed countries. Furthermore, creating a means for the Southern European countries to deal with the influx of refugees in a new socially and economically sustainable manner. We Are The People has been presented to the government Italy as a member of the G7 together with UNIDO. Rawya Mansour’s work has proclaimed her an honorary member of the Egyptian National Women’s Comity for Foreign Affairs, Arab Business Women’s Council, 100 Women Who Rose Above Change In the Muslim World, A Hero of the Green Era, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, and a member of UNDP’s IDSC, and a Role Model for African Women.